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MedX’s SIAscope, a Class II A medical device, takes 5 images, including 4 spectrophotometric images 2 mm below the skin’s surface showing the disorganization of a suspicious mole or lesion. This allows dermatologists to make a more accurate assessment based on the underlying physiology of the skin. MedX is the only technology in the world that can present this additional critical imaging.

  • Dermatoscopic
  • Hemoglobin
  • Pigmentation
  • Dermal Pigmentation
  • Collagen

This tiny mole is a deadly nodular melanoma. It was diagnosed using SIAscopy on DermSecure™.

Read the dermatological assessment.

Full Diagnosis

In the contact dermoscopy view, there is no identifiable dermoscopy structure. A dermatologist would know immediately this patient needs to be seen in person for a proper assessment. But with what priority?

SIAscopy on DermSecure™ provides the answer where no other system can.

A dermatologist looking at the pigmented views will know that this is a pigmented lesion with heavy and irregular pigment deposition in the epidermis and dermis. Further, looking at the blood and collagen views, there is no normal blood supply and no reassuring collagen pattern to suggest an alternative diagnosis such as a seborrheic keratosis (benign lesion). Incorporating the clinical history, a dermatologist can reason this is a new, invasive pigmented lesion, absent a normal blood supply, that should be excised immediately.

This nodular melanoma was diagnosed by Dr. Trevor Champagne, Dermatologist

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We provide rapid access to mole scanning for patients through low barrier-to-entry partners like pharmacies, physician offices, medical clinics and spas.

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SIAscopy on DermSecure™ is our secure, cloud-based telemedicine platform and patient management system that seamlessly integrates with EMRs – it is where patient profiles can be created, updated and stored for up to 10 years. Our privacy policies comply with all regulations in jurisdictions in which we operate including PIPEDA, HIPAA and GDPR. We deploy the latest in security measures, engage in rigorous third-party threat testing and real-time monitoring.

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Within two business days, healthcare providers and patients can access detailed assessment reports with next steps and recommendations (as required).