SIMSYS –Dedicated to Saving Lives

3 Steps to Saving Lives


Capture high-quality images via the patient friendly hand-held scanner. SIMSYS uses SIAscopy – clinically proven technology which provides a unique level of detail and information from up to 2mm beneath the skin:
• Dermatoscopic View
• Blood View
• Melanin View
• Dermal Melanin View
• Collagen View

Analyze and Track

Analyze the images using the powerful SIMSYS system tools. These help you to assess the lesion quickly and easily. 
• Slider tool to fade between SIAscan™and dermatoscopic views
• Pan and zoom with up to 40x magnification
• Choice of in-built scoring systems
• View comparison and overlay functions

Track changes in lesions using robust image storage features which facilitate direct on-screen comparison of past and present lesion images, allowing you to monitor changes over time


Streamline patient data and image management with the comprehensive SIMSYS database. Secure and easy to use, SIMSYS gives you a complete overview of each patient.
• Flexible image and document database
• Consolidate SIAscans, images, and other documents into one unique patient record

An Introduction to SIMSYS-MoleMate