The OraLase Portable Laser Probe

Only Available in the USA

Photobiomodulation (“PBM”) Therapy is a non-thermal process involving the absorption of light energy to produce photophysical and photochemical events within the body. This process results in beneficial therapeutic outcomes including, but not limited to, the alleviation of pain or inflammation, immunomodulation, tissue regeneration and promotion of wound healing.

The effectiveness of PBM Therapy has been verified by thousands of clinical trials and lab studies, and published in many leading, peer reviewed dental and medical journals. Based on the literature, PBM Therapy can improve patient outcomes in a variety of dental applications, such as: dental implants, tooth extraction, gum disease and orthodontics.

PBM offers a proven, safe, drug-free solution to eliminate or dramatically reduce pain, decrease inflammation and stimulate soft and hard tissue repair for dental applications. MedX PBM Therapy is fast, typically three to six, one to two-minute treatments, and easy to use.

PBM will not only improve your clinical outcomes, it will also enhance the patient experience. Satisfied patients will help grow your practice and increase revenue as they tell their friends and family about this highly effective, non-invasive treatment.

Pain Management – a drug-free alternative

MedX OraLaseTM is an ergonomically designed, portable, 200 mW near infrared (808 nm) laser. The Class IIIb low-level laser device has pre-set dose selection in continuous mode for ease of use. Two sets of two autoclavable fiber optic light guides are included; one longer, curved for intraoral applications, and a shorter, straight light guide for extraoral use. The rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery lasts all day. Two pairs of laser safety goggles are provided. The unit comes in a practical carrying case for ease of transport. Two comprehensive, how-to videos are available free of charge.

The MedX Treatment Manual and Laminated Quick Reference Guide will ensure you and your staff are able to seamlessly incorporate the MedX devices into your practice.

MedX OralaseTM will also help your patients feel more relaxed about their ‘trip to the dentist’.

MedXHOME provides follow-up treatment at home

The MedXHOME has a small console and can be easily programmed with up to five different treatment protocols. The 1000 mW super luminous diode (SLD) cluster, combines visible red (633nm) and infrared (870 nm) diodes to deliver an even distribution of energy. This allows for large area treatment to alleviate pain and inflammation, decrease muscle spasms and accelerate healing. The unit comes in a practical carrying case for ease of travel.

The MedXHOME can also be rented to patients who have difficulty coming in for a series of treatments, such as facial pain. This additional revenue stream does not require valuable ‘chair time’ or the dentist’s time.