The day ScreenCancer and Boots saved my life

Patient Testimonial

I’m a 44 years old man, born in Portugal, and since I remember myself as a person, the summer holidays were always the best moments of the year. The days on the beach, the warm sun of southern Europe, never represented for me, at that time, any sign of danger.

When the first news relating sun exposure to skin cancer started to appear, we began to pay more attention to protection, using always the highest factor, and in particular when I started to take my children to the beach.

By the end of 2009 I came to be aware of the ScreenCancer Mole Navigator solution to skin checking and I thought this could be a way to expand skin cancer screening to other parts of the country where it’s hard to find a dermatologist.

At that time it never crossed my mind to look at any particular mole on myself. I thought that the fact of being used to sun exposure was a good proclaim to be out of that risk group for skin cancer.

In my capacity of Healthcare entrepreneur I’ve made a visit to Bergen at the beginning of May, where I went for a business trip to understand the logistics of the ScreenCancer Mole Navigator having in mind to bring this screening activity to Portugal.

When I visited one of the Boots pharmacies to look at the process, I was invited to test myself and I was asked to indicate any mole I could have. At the moment I wasn’t able to immediately locate one, but, deep in my memory, I recalled that a couple of summers ago I had a mole that was scratched and so I elect that one for the test.

The procedure was amazingly simple. After 5 minutes I was out, with the feeling that nothing important would be found and that I had no reason at all to think more about it. It was a mole with less than 5 mm in diameter and since it was in my lower left torso I didn’t often look at it.

Two weeks later I received a call from Norway suggesting that I should investigate the mole since it showed on the ScreenCancer Mole Navigator that there was a possibility that it might be an early melanoma.

When I received that information my heart froze and I immediately took on the decision to remove it as soon as possible. I consulted an internist that decided, with the approval of the surgeon and the dermatologist, to perform the excision with an extensive safety margin.

The days waiting for the pathology results were a mist of anxiety and relief but I wasn’t prepared at all for the result that arrived on the morning of the 1st day of June, the terrifying diagnosis of Malignant Melanoma.

After the initial shock, the next sensation I felt was of happiness, considering myself the luckiest guy and blessing my trip to Bergen and my experience with ScreenCancer Mole Navigator at Boots.

I have no doubt that if I hadn’t volunteered for that test it could have been too late when I would have some reason to look again at the mole.

The good thing is to know that, when there’s an early diagnosis of a Malignant Melanoma followed by complete removal, the prognosis of total remission and cure is very high.

That’s why I can say that the 5th of May, 2011 was the day that ScreenCancer and Boots saved my life!