Panels of dermatologists convened to explore clinical applications of SIAscopy® and DermSecure® technology

Mississauga, Ontario, November 22, 2021 - MedX Health Corp. (“MedX” or the “Company”) (TSXV: MDX) recently convened Medical Advisory Boards of leading dermatologists across Canada and the United States to explore clinical application opportunities for its image capture technology, SIAscopy® and patient management system, DermSecure®.

Summarized findings from both advisory boards will help validate the technological uses and benefits of SIAscopy® in clinical practice, particularly as a triage tool for dermatological assessment of suspicious moles and lesions. The Medical Advisory Boards’ recommendations will be compiled and published in the coming months through separate publication pertaining to the Canadian and U.S. markets.

“This technology has the potential to save many lives as an effective triage tool,” said Dr. Daniel Siegel, Chair of the U.S.-based Medical Advisory Board. “Scanning more at-risk patients in easy to access locations will provide greater early detection of cancerous and pre-cancerous lesions, providing better patient outcomes while lowering overall healthcare costs. MedX’s DermSecure® platform offers a very complete teledermatology solution – with their unique imaging technology, they can provide dermatologists with high resolution images of pigmented lesions for evaluation along with multispectral images that enhance diagnostic accuracy. Until now, most teledermatology offerings could not provide high quality images of potentially deadly melanomas to dermatologists for assessment. This is truly an industry gamechanger.”

Dr. Charles Lynde, Chair of the Canadian-based Medical Advisory Board, said, “This technology shows tremendous promise for positively impacting patient care, particularly as a tool for patients and clinicians seeking second opinions. Because of the quality of SIAscopy’s® high resolution images, we’re also interested in its potential for assessing a wide range of additional skin conditions.”

A similar Medical Advisory Board consultation process is also underway in the United Kingdom, which will be shortly followed by the formation of a European-based Medical Advisory Board.

MedX’s SIAscopy® is the only technology on the market that captures five high resolution images, including four spectrophotometric images 2mm below the skin’s surface, enabling dermatological assessment of suspicious moles and lesions in a pain-free, non-invasive manner. Combined with MedX’s DermSecure® Screening Platform – its secure, cloud-based patient management system – these high resolution images are transmitted safely and securely for virtual dermatological assessment by a certified dermatologist within just 72 hours, compared to a wait time of five months to one year for traditional dermatological assessment.

About MedX:

MedX, headquartered in Ontario, Canada, is a leading medical device and software company focused on skin health with its SIAscopy® on DermSecure® telemedicine platform, utilizing its SIAscopy® technology. SIAscopy® is also embedded in its products SIAMETRICS®, SIMSYS®, and MoleMate®, which MedX manufactures in its ISO 13485-certified facility. SIAMETRICS®, SIMSYS®, and MoleMate® include hand-held devices that use patented technology utilizing light and its remittance to view up to 2 mm beneath suspicious moles and lesions in a pain-free, non-invasive manner, with its software then creating real-time images for physicians and dermatologists to evaluate all types of moles or lesions within seconds. These products are approved by Health Canada, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the Therapeutic Goods Administration and Conformité Européenne for use in Canada, the US, Australia, New Zealand, the European Union, Brazil and Turkey. Visit

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Bill Mitoulas, Investor Relations
MedX Health Corp.