Get The MoleMate Software

MoleMate has been designed for the clinician that is not an expert in either SIAscopy or Dermoscopy but who wants to increase diagnostic accuracy as well as patient satisfaction within lesion specific consultations.

MoleMate assists in helping you identify some common benign lesions, as well as indicators for concern in suspicious lesions. Armed with MoleMate as a diagnostic tool to back up your clinical expertise and patient history, you can reassure both yourself and your patient that the correct course of action has been taken.

MoleMate uses the Hunter scoring system to present specific questions regarding the captured SIAscan. The questions are designed to assist you in identifying specific features within the lesion that are visible using SIAscopy. Any presence of these features in melanin, dermal Melanin, blood or collagen views can be key indicators regarding the status of the lesion. After progressing through the Hunter scoring system a recommendation will be displayed to aid your diagnosis.

System Requirements

The following are the minimum PC requirements/specifications to install and operate the MoleMate software.
• Windows XP, VISTA or 7 Operating System,
• 1 GHz Processor,
• 1 Gb RAM,
• 20 Gb Hard Disk,
• 32 Mb Graphics Memory,
• 1024 x 768 Screen Resolution
• 32 or 64 Bit compatible
• 2 x USB 2.0 connection, and
• A built-in or compatible external optional drive.