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News and Events 2018
December 16, 2018Tormont 50 December Research on MedX Health Corp.
November 29, 2018MedX Health Corp. Announces Third Quarter 2018 Results
November 27, 2018MedX Signs MOU to Launch DermSecure in the Netherlands
November 27, 2018MedX Health Corp. Announces Private Placement Closing and a New $2.5 Million Private Placement
November 23, 2018MedX Health Corp. Announces Private Placement Closing and a New $2.5 Million Private Placement
November 14, 2018MedX Launches Strategic Artificial Intelligence Initiative
October 23, 2018 MedX Health Announces That Dr. Eggert Stockfleth Has Joined Its Medical Advisory Board
October 11, 2018Bob McWhirter discusses MedX Health
September 24, 2018MedX Announces Management Changes
September 10, 2018Tormont 50 September Research on MedX Health Corp.
September 04, 2018MedX Launches DermSecure™ Telemedicine Platform
August 23, 2018MedX Health Corp. Announces Second Quarter 2018 Results
August 16, 2018Interview with Scott Spearn, President Medx Health Corp.
April 16, 2018Tormont 50 April Research on MedX Health Corp.
April 04, 2018MedX Health Corp. - Announces Scott Spearn as President
March 03, 2018Tormont 50 Research on MedX Health Corp.
February 28, 2018MedX Health Corp. - Announces regulatory clearance for its SIAscopy medical devices in New Zealand
February 20, 2018MedX Health Corp. - Bob McWhirter on BNN spoke about MedX
February 13, 2018MedX Receives Corporate Citizenship Award from the Melanoma Network of Canada
January 30, 2018MedX Health Corp. - Announces SIAscopy order exceeding $100,000 for Spain
January 08, 2018MedX Health Corp. - 2018 Q&A with CEO Robert von der Porten
January 05, 2018Robert McWhirter, President of Selective Asset Management, calls MedX’s SIAscope technology “truly revolutionary” and investment in MedX shares presents a “great opportunity going forward” on BNN’s Market Call. VIDEO
News and Events 2017
November 29, 2017MedX Health Corp. announces launch of skin scanning service in the Netherlands
November 13, 2017Addition of Two Renowned International Skin Cancer Specialists to its Medical Scientific Advisory Board
November 09, 2017Avison Young Golf for A Cure & Global Day of Giving in honour of Sean Faught
October 30, 2017MedX Health Corp. and Blanc Labs complete design of cloud-based telemedicine platform to enable global deployment of MedX’s scanning devices across a broad network of centers
October 12, 2017MedX Health and Calian’s Primacy Management Join Together to Provide On-the-Spot Suspicious Mole and Lesion Scans at the Melanoma Network of Canada’s “Strides for Melanoma Walk for Awareness” Fundraiser
August 25, 2017Robert McWhirter, President of Selective Asset Management, interviewed on BNN, sees positive Q4 for MedX Health due to expansion of pilot projects with Calian Group and Air Canada, potential green light to sell in Mexico, strategic partnership with Melanoma Network of Canada, and potential sun destination property/travel partnerships.
May 25, 2017MedX and Melanoma Network of Canada announce strategic partnership
May 24,2017Joint Venture Marketing Partnership with OncoTech LLC
May 23, 2017Improved Revenues in First Quarter 2017 Results
May 03, 2017Dr. Paul Cohen, renowned board certified dermatologist, joins MedX Medical/Scientific Advisory Board
May 01, 2017May is Melanoma Awareness Month
Spring 2017Dermatology in Practice – What if we could cut skin cancer death rates in half?
April 26, 2017MedX signs a MOU with MP Médic in Quebec and expand MedX’s reach in Canada
April 20, 2017Introduction of SIAscopy skin imaging devices with a chain of Netherlands based health clinics
March 20, 2017FP Entrepreneur features MedX Health “Whack that mole”


MedX is committed to technology that is safe and effective.

The safety and effectiveness for patients is our first priority. SIAcopy is rapid, patient friendly, accurate, easy to use, and practice friendly. SIAscopy has been used for over 12 years and is supported by over 15 published clinical studies and 24 in vivo clinical posters. MedX Health designs, develops and distributes innovative imaging and software technologies that has been tested for safety and effectiveness and has been cleared and licensed for use in Canada, European Union, and Australia.

The technology has gone through stringent testing and it has been cleared for sale by the following regulatory bodies: Health Canada, CE and ARTG.