Clinicians speak about MedX

Clinical Testimonials

The computer imaging can make a big difference

“Among the sophisticated equipment used by University of California Irvine Melanoma Center physicians is a SIMSYS-MoleMate SIAscope, one of the most advanced melanoma imaging systems in the world. For patients with many moles, this computer imaging can make a big difference, it decreases the number of biopsies needed, so they won’t look like pincushion.”

– Dr. James G. Jakowatz, surgical oncologist and UC Irvine Melanoma Center director

– Dr. Janellen Smith, UC Irvine dermatologist and co-director of the Pigmented Lesion Program


“This (SIMSYS-MoleMate) is essential for people who have lots of atypical moles. It helps with overall management of melanoma risk.”

– Dr. Kenneth Linden, dermatologist and co-director of the UC Irvine Pigmented Lesion Program, UC Irvine Medical Center

“I have used [MoleMate/SIMSYS] for six years and have found it an invaluable tool. I chose this technology because it gives me extra information about my patients’ suspicious moles and lesions through the additional views of the skin and helps me and the patients to come to a more informed decision about removal.” – Dr. R.H. Falcon, New York, NY

Patient reassurance and minimize excisions

“We decided to purchase MoleMate to assist with patient reassurance and minimize excisions. We chose MoleMate because it provides clear imagery, is easy to show patients and explain and allows us to keep a record.”

– Dr. James, Queensland, Australia

Review a patient’s moles over time is particularly useful

“MoleMate gives you more information to base your judgement on. Previously I may have looked at a mole and put off doing anything. In one or two cases, when viewed through MoleMate they have been nastier than I thought. Being able to review a patient’s moles over time is particularly useful. I would recommend MoleMate to GPs and skin clinics.”

– Dr. G . Campbell, New South Wales, Australia