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Robert McWhirter, President of Selective Asset Management, interviewed on BNN, sees positive Q4 for MedX Health due to expansion of pilot projects with Calian Group and Air Canada, potential green light to sell in Mexico, strategic partnership with Melanoma Network of Canada, and potential sun destination property/travel partnerships.

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     May 25, 2018
     MedX Health is a proud sponsor and supporter of Tee Off for Melanoma Awareness 7th Annual Golf Tournament 
     and Luncheon
     Registration: 7 am
     Tee Off Time: 8 am
     Cocktail Reception: 12:30 pm
     Lionhead Golf & Conference Centre – Brampton, ON.
     8525 Mississauga Rd, Brampton, ON L6Y 0C1
     905.901.5121 x 103

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